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All motorists need some form of Breakdown Cover and in this day and age itís important that we each seek out the best value Breakdown Cover deal available. Motoring has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with very few of us taking to the road like we once did. The soaring price of petrol keeps so many of us off the roads and vehicle technology alongside car scrappage schemes has reduced the likelihood of any of us breaking down dramatically.

Breakdown Cover is just another insurance policy that most of us have to buy just like the car insurance, life insurance and in some cases washing machine insurance!. Insurance companies take a calculated risk and base their prices on that, supposedly. Breakdown Cover companies should do the same and considering that very few of us actually breakdown anymore cover prices should not be what they are today. So why are they?

Breakdown Cover prices are not as low as they should be solely because we the public donít really understand how the breakdown cover system works. If we did then all of us would take a totally different view as to how we buy cover. If your in the market for breakdown cover whether that be from us or anyone else then you must familiarise yourself with the facts first. Please read
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RTR UK Roadside Assistance Breakdown App for the iphone. Visit store
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Breakdown Cover Choices that best suit you and your pocket
Pay-on-the-day Service
30 mins Roadside Assist and 10 miles of Recovery
Total Cost £50+Vat
Annual Subscription
30 mins Roadside Assist and 10 miles of Recovery
3 call outs per annum
Max Weight 10 Tonne
30 mins Roadside Assist and 10 miles of Recovery
3 call outs per annum
Annual Subscription
30 mins Roadside Assist and National Recovery
3 call outs per annum
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RTR UK (Road To Recovery) focus on 4 types of recovery. PAYG - Economy - Light Commercial and National. Our Breakdown Cover packages are tailored to suit your needs as well as your pocket. We have stripped back all the unnecessary gimmicks such as Train Tickets ect and streamlined each policy to make it affordable. Our aim is to provide you with the cheapest form of Breakdown Cover available.
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